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Kiulu Biosphere Reserve Schedule

Sabah Parks is delighted to host the 14th Southeast Asian Biosphere Reserves Network (SeaBRnet) Meeting in 2023. In collaboration with the Kiulu Tourism Association, Sabah Parks has organized an exciting excursion scheduled for November 15th, 2023. Kiulu is located approximately 60 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu, situated within the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve.

The excursion will encompass a wide range of activities from morning to afternoon. In the afternoon, delegates will have the option to choose between adventurous activities or a traditional cooking experience, both activities to be pre-booked during registration. All activities are curated to not only offer a unique blend of nature, culture, and tradition but also actively engage and support the local community living in the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve. Please refer to the full itinerary below:

  • 0730 hrs - Depart Kota Kinabalu to Jambatan Tamparuli located in the scenic countryside of Kiulu.

  • 0830 hrs - Arrive Jambatan Tamparuli, watch traditional dance performance. Walk on the iconic Tamparuli suspension bridge and immerse yourself in local open air market experience at the Tamu (Open air bazaar) (1 hour).

  • 0930 hrs - Depart to Kiulu Tourist Information Centre to learn more about the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve (20 mins).

  • 0950 hrs - Depart to Poturidong.

  • 1000hrs - Upon arrival, cross a unique suspension bridge over the Kiulu River to the ecotourism site. Suspension bridges provides the only means of connection with the outside world for many rural villages in Borneo. Enjoy a warm welcome by your host community as they present you with traditional dances (The Botumban dance) and Gong music. Briefing by your local host on the community eco-tourism initiatives and safety briefing while you enjoy a local morning tea.


    Tagal Fish Feeding experience - Learn about the community Tagal Initiative, a stakeholder-driven system of rehabilitation, protection, and conservation of the river environments and the fisheries resources for its sustainable development. You will see river teeming with Pelian fishes also known as the Gem of the river. If you are adventurous enough, you may choose to try a fish foot massage!

    Guided Village walk - Tour around the scenic village and learn the local’s way of living. Kiulu is populated by predominantly the Dusun Bundu ethnic, an indigenous community of Borneo.

    Dalai Bead making - Kiulu community are skilled artisans, creating beautiful handiwork with the Dalai beads. Popularly known as Job’s Tears, a hard-shelled false fruits of the wild bamboo grass, learn how the local community process the Dalai beads to make variety of beautiful accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, belts and bags. You will have the opportunity to make your own handiwork with the Dalai beads.

    Learning traditional dance ,musical gong and try traditional costume - Opportunity to learn to dance the Botumban, the traditional dance unique to the indigenous Dusun of Kiulu and try your hands at the Gong, a traditional musical instruments. Put on a traditional costume and snap some photos for remembrance

    Traditional rice wine making demo - See how the deeply rooted traditional rice wine in Borneo is made. Rice wine is synonym with indigenous celebrations and festivals. It accompanies most rites of passage such as births, deaths, marriages and birthdays, used as offering to visiting guests, in cookings and as offering to spirits during rituals.

    Traditional game (Slingshot, coconut bowling, Inuong dazang etc) - A rare chance to experience traditional games still preserved by the Poturidong community to safeguard their ethnic traditions from becoming extinct due to modernization

  • 1200hrs - Traditional lunch is served - enjoy a scrumptious traditional lunch, prepared specially for you, while you enjoy the traditional dances performance of Botumban and Sumazau dance performed by the community.

  • 1330hrs - Participants will proceed to either the adventurous White Water Rafting activity or Traditional Cooking Experience.

    Traditional Cooking Experience

    Learn how to make the following ethnic food

    - Hinava (Raw fish salad) - this dish is made from fresh fish meat (often Mackerel), marinated with lime juice, mixed with grated Bambangan seeds, red chilies, ginger, onions, and salt. Usually served during festive occasions but you can now find it at some local restaurants that specialise in Sabahan dishes.

    - Hinompuka - a traditional steamed glutinous rice cake made of glutinous rice wrapped in Banana leave. To give it falvour and color, sweet potato or banana can be added into the glutionuos rice. This cake is usually served during festivals and special occasions such as weddings and births

    - Linopot Linangatan - Linopot means 'packing' in Dusun language, hence Linopot is cooked rice, packed and wrapped in a big leaf. Hill rice is normally used in making Linopot, and sometimes yam and sweet potato are mixed in to make colourful and flavourful Linopot Linangatan.

  • 1500hrs Light tea
    1530hrs Bid farewell to your local host and return to your hotel in KK
    1700hrs Estimate arrival at hotel

  • Adventurous White Water Rafting (Grade 1-2)

    1330hrs Transfer to rafting starting point.

    1400hrs After briefing on safety precautions and rafting techniques by your river guide, commence rafting down the Kiulu River (Grade I-II). Kiulu River is a great river for beginners, both elderly and kids may join this trip. Experience rafting down a refreshingly clear-water river amidst the jungle greeneries and passing underneath unique hanging bridges. Rafting takes about 1.5 hours to ending point.

    1530hrs Refresh and enjoy light tea
    1600hrs Bid farewell to your local host and return to your hotel in KK
    1730hrs Estimate arrival at hotel
    Inclusions : Transportation by air-conditioned coach, eco-tourism fee and activities, meals as stated, English Speaking Guide.
    Exclusions : Personal expenses, beverages, items not stated in the inclusions.
    What to wear : Short/long sleeve cotton T-shirt/quick dry, long pants, good walking shoes, insect repellent, sun block.
    Rafting notes :
    ** What to bring : Swim wear, spare change, insect repellent, sun block lotion, change of clothes, towel, hat/cap, personal toiletries. Keep your belongings in waterproof casing or dry bag.
    ** What to wear : Strappy sandal (non-slip), Shorts and cotton t-shirt (not white color).

    ** Important Notes:
    • Do not bring or wear any valuable items such as jewelleries and expensive electrical devices such as smart phones etc on rafting • Participants must have trimmed finger nails and toe nails. • Participant must be physically fit.