S e a B R n e t


  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among Biosphere Reserves in Southeast Asia, promoting cross-learning and capacity building. Foster collaboration in research, implementation, and monitoring, including exchanges between biosphere reserves.

  • Explore strategies and initiatives that promote sustainable development within Biosphere Reserves, ensuring the socio-economic well-being of local communities.

  • Emphasize the importance of biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource management in Biosphere Reserves.

  • Highlight the role of community engagement and empowerment in promoting the coexistence of people and nature.

  • Strengthen regional collaboration and networking among Biosphere Reserves, researchers, policymakers, and civil society organizations;

  • Communicate and disseminate other activities of the MAB programme to the network;

  • Identify potential pilot BRs in Southeast Asia to:

    • - participate in peer-to-peer capacity development activities and
    • - trial and review a series of new good governance measures for biosphere reserves.

Expected Outcomes

This meeting serves as a crucial forum for fostering a deeper understanding of the theme "Envisioning People in Biosphere Reserves Living in Harmony with Nature" and exploring practical solutions for a sustainable and harmonious future.

  • Enhanced collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Biosphere Reserves in Southeast Asia.

  • Identification of innovative approaches to sustainable development within Biosphere Reserves.

  • Strengthened commitment to biodiversity conservation and ecological sustainability.

  • Amplified community engagement and empowerment strategies.

  • A renewed commitment to promoting Biosphere Reserves as models for harmonious coexistence between people and nature.